Customs House

Virtual Tours

To take a Virtual Tour of the Customs House, click on the link below of the area you wish to view.

There are "high" and "low" bandwidth versions of each file in QuicktimeVR format.  

When the picture is displayed, you can rotate the view and "zoom in by clicking" on the image. Use the "-" link to zoom out.  



Art Gallery Low High
The Charitable Trusts Room Low High
The Lady Thiess Room Low High
The Long Room (Meeting style) Low High
The Long Room (Wedding style) Low High
The Reid Dining Room Low High
The Sylvia Jones Boardroom Low High

System specifications - Virtual Tours

The Virtual Tours listed above use the Apple Quicktime viewer which is installed on most computers.

Low Bandwidth 300 x 400 pixels = 500-800Kb
High Bandwidth 600 x 800 pixels = 1.5-2.0Mb

If you are having problems viewing these Virtual Tours in your browser window, "right-click" on the link and save the file to your hard drive.  From there these will display in QuickTime format.